Schumann - Vorraber
unique recitals, you can't get with annother pianist

Concerto classico
ein program with chamber orchestra under the direction of Franz Vorraber with works of Haydn, Mozart and Vorraber

ein program with chamber orchestra under the direction of Franz Vorraber with piano concertos of Mozart

"Variations & Vorraber"
 with Mozart variations, Mendelssohn "variations sérieuses" and Vorraber

Chopin in his own and in our time
a different program with Chopin, Mendelssohn and Vorraber

the program of the same named CD

Viennese Evening

a charming programme including Schubert's Waltz, Kreisler's Liebesfreud and some unique staff. It is the music of Franz Vorraber's home country, Austria.

Seven deadly sins
a special program with Dr.Ulrich Barnickel, who created the sculptures of steel, which inspired Franz Vorraber of his this new own work. 

Piano Concerti:

Concerto F-Minor

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Piano Concerto C major op.15
Piano Concerto C minor op.37
Piano Concerto G major op.58
Piano Concerto E flat major op.73

Johannes Brahms:
Piano Concerto B flat major op.83
Piano Concerto D minorl op.15

Frederic Chopin:
Piano Concerto E minor op.11

Robert Fuchs:
Piano Concerto B flat major

Edvard Grieg:
Piano Concerto A minor op.16

Friedrich Kuhlau:
Piano Concerto C major op.7

Constant Lambert:
Rio Grande

Joseph Marx:
Romantic Piano Concerto

Joseph Willibald Michl: 
Piano Concerto B flat major

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart:
the complete PIANO CONCERTI

Sergej Rachmaninoff:
Piano Concerto C minor op.18
Piano Concerto D minor op.30

Maurice Ravel:
Piano Concerto G major

Camille Saint-Saens:
Piano Concerto G minor op.22

Alfred Schnittke:
Piano Concerto Nr.3 

Dimitri Schostakowitsch:
Piano Concerto C major for trumpet and orchestra

Robert Schumann:
Piano Concerto A minor op.54
Concert Pieces op.92 and op.134

Galina Ustvolskaya:
Piano Concerto

Franz Vorraber:
Piano concerto op.9
Piano concerto op.13
Concerto for piano and strings op.27
Concert classico op.37