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"Franz Vorraber is one of the finest and sensitive concert pianists before the general public today. He is a unique artist among pianists. There are very few artists of his equal in making music sound so beautiful. His arts dates back to an almost  forgotten time when the piano reigned supreme as the concert instrument. Franz Vorraber is one of the last of the great Titans.” 
Dennis Ferrara  Music Critic/USA

„The Fuchs concerto is very well played by pianist Franz Vorraber; the Luxembourg forces sound quite secure under the leadership of Alun Francis; and the sound of the cpo disc is faultless.”            Jerry Dubins Fanfare 

“The third Rachmaninoff concerto is a winner. Vorraber sounds unfazed by the work’s challenges. The Finale is especially breathtaking.” 
John Sunier AUDIOPHILE AUDITION 2006/DVDA Vorraber/Klajner

"Vorraber’s studious approach serves the seven Fughetten 0p.126 well, weaving a web of  considered intimacy and melancholy. Vorraber literally tears into the Carnival Op.9, which begins explosively and with the utmost emotional exuberance. In its opening flourishes he announces, without even the slightest hint of ambiguity, a bold interpretation of Schumann’s turbulent but eloquent articulation of the paradox that besets the human spirit. Vorraber reveals himself to be a pianist for the big occasion and Carnaval benefits from a truly majestic interpretation.                                      Leon Bosch Musicweb

"A discovery from Austria
Seldom, very seldom is our mundane existence, especially that of a certain critic, so brightened. This is particularly the case when the discovery is a sure thing. It is, and the name is Franz Vorraber."  Frankfurter Rundschau

"..At the end of the concert the listeners went beserk: they didn't just applaud and cry "bravo" but, the hallowed concert hall ambience for the moment forgotten, stamped their feet, as well. If musical life means more than Show-biz, if quality still counts for something, than it is a dead certainty that Franz Vorraber has agreat career ahead."       Neue Musikzeitung 

„You can’t stop pricking up your ears, if you have the possibility to hear Franz Vorraber in concert. Vorraber himself seems to be amazed at his own sounds, that he draws from his instrument. The atmosphere is intrinsic, his playing is exciting, lively and he enjoys unexpected  musical changes of the mood. He opens us a world full of passionateness and above all full of fantasy.” 
Bavarian Broadcasting

„Franz Vorraber offers a great technique that combines subtlety with dramatic talent.“                               Kronenzeitung-Vienna

„This sterling artist understands the concept of beautiful and singing tone of the piano. Vorraber’s brilliant technique was combined with the pianist’s fine phrasing and sensitive musicality. After several minutes of applause the artist returned to the Steinway and played an extremly sensitive interpretation of the “Träumerei”.                The Catholic Times/USA

„It is obvious that Franz Vorraber has an infinity for the piano music of Schumann. One has the feeling that he plays music of an old friend for friends. This is grand playing of a by-gone era. With such sensitivity of touch and sound, he should be able to build an excellent career." 
Dennis Ferrara, music critic/USA

 „He finished the Carnaval in exciting fashion. Vorraber impressed the audience, which gave him a standing ovation. This pianist’s skill is immense.”
The Flint Journal/USA Laurence MacDonald

„Standing ovations for Franz Vorraber. A musical experience, touching the heart of the audience. Only a few days in our lives that is possible to make such an experience."
MZ-Germany  Hermann Arnold