Drei Romanzen op.28 
composed in 1839 - dedicated to Graf Heinrich II. Reuss-Köstritz 

Sehr markiert, B-flat minor
Einfach, F-sharp major
Sehr markiert, B major

The "Romanzen," Op. 28 are a three-part tale (perhaps a love story), in which Robert Schumann journeys from the key of B-flat major to the key of B major. Clara wrote, "However, I do stake a claim to the Romanzen. As your bride you simply must dedicate another work to me, and I know nothing that is more tender than these three Romances, especially the middle one which is the most beautiful love duet." "Die Nacht," in B-flat minor, hints at a transformation from A-sharp to F-sharp major that will be achieved in the "Liebesduett," while the high-spirited third "Romanze" ends firmly anchored in B major.


Translation: William Melton
© Franz Vorraber