Drei Fantasiestücke op.111 
komponiert 1851 - Ihro Durchlaucht Frau Fürstin Reuss-Köstritz zugeeignet 

Sehr rasch, mit leidenschaftlichem Vortrag, c-Moll
Ziemlich langsam, As-Dur
Kräftig und sehr markirt, c-Moll

…the pianist…must be destroyed by the composer, if the latter desires to be of more than temporary consequence. Only what comes from the heart, only what is inwardly created and sung, has the endurance to life beyond its own time.”
 Letter to Emil Büchner, Leipzig, 1848

The Fantasiestücke, op. 111, are imbued with the interval C - A flat, an interval that also influences the procession of keys from C minor, to A flat major, and back to C minor. The first piece extends the interval of the sixth to a descending seventh combined with agitated, climbing chromatic sixths. The middle part is motivically reminiscent of the passionate first movement of the Fantasie, op. 17. In the second movement, the interval C - A flat changes into the upward moving third A flat - C. is a love duet similar to that in the Romanze, op. 28/no. 2, but with a contrasting middle section as reminder of what has proceeded it. The last movement combines the falling sixth with the climbing third in marked rhythms. The descending lines of the first movement sound here very quietly in the bass in a wholly different light. Four strident Beethovenian chords end the work.


Translation: William Melton
© Franz Vorraber